Thursday, June 28, 2012


2 Days of intense Designer Nail hands-on workshop on the Latest shapes and styles to impress your clients and make a fashion statement !
We will cover nail structure, VivCat design techniques and nail styling, composition and color in acrylic and gel mediums, gel & aquarelle painting, 3D special effects, nail art decoration and photo effects.
This class is non-product specific. Please feel free to use any brands of your choice and come get inspired and have fun creating stunning and unique nail designs with the amazing duo !
Class Fee : Registration is Closed
Class Code : VCML09
Things to bring for class
Acrylic System - Liquid, Powder(Clear/White), Color&Glitter Powder
Gel System - UV/LED Lamp, Clear/White Gel, Color & Glitter Gel
Waterbased Paint & Brushes
Nail Tips, Nail Tools & Implements (tweezers, scissors), Files, Nail Forms
Topcoats, cleansers, wipes etc
Table Lamp & adaptors/extension cords
Nail accessories, crystals
Keep 1 hand free for extensions or bring a practice hand.
*Some special items and VivCat products available to purchase on day of class